For young or experienced racers, karting is an excellent training ground for learning driving skills, good sportsmanship, responsibility, and respect.

The majority of kart racers participate for pure enjoyment, however, for certain individuals, it is a serious stepping-stone towards a professional racing career. Most current Formula-1 drivers started racing in karts. Like Michael, many drivers still try to get seat time in a kart during the off-season to keep their reflexes and driving skills honed.

If you are thinking at all about entering the world of racing, Michael discusses various aspects of the sport that will help you get your feet wet. What you want to get out of the sport (recreational adrenaline rush or a potential career) will dictate many of your choices along the way.


Karting is the fastest growing form of motorsport in North America and it is hugely popular around the world.

Because it is affordable, karting is a perfect venue for learning the basics about competition racing, vehicle setup and engine tuning. Whether you have aspirations to become a professional race car driver, or you just like the technology of racing and enjoy the idea of tinkering with your own vehicle, karting is a fun, friendly, exciting and competitive sport for everyone to enjoy. Kart racing is the best and cheapest family-oriented form of motorsport with racers aged from 7 years old to 60+.


Before investing in all the required race equipment and gear, you may want to attend a kart racing school. Through a wide range of programs, varying in length from 3 hours to 3 days, racing schools also give you the opportunity to learn from trained professionals the skills needed to control these high-performance machines around a track and other racers. There are kart racing schools located all across North America, some with their own purpose-built tracks and training facilities. Visiting is a perfect example of a great way to get started in karting.


The local karting scene can be a very friendly family-oriented activity. By visiting your local track you can watch the racing action up close, as well as stroll the pit area observing and asking questions. You will get honest answers from the people directly involved in the sport. Michael spends his time training at


Talk to the professionals because there are many levels of racing, each with its own associated costs. A visit to your local kart dealer means you can view latest chassis, motors and accessories you will need to enter this exciting sport and discuss karting with trained and knowledgeable people. Depending on your age, you may have several competition class options available to you. The kart store staff should be able to assist and advise you with all aspects of karting, especially your individual needs.

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The Italian made Italkart chassis, which has taken Michael to National and International success, is imported by Italian Motors and available in Canada, US, Mexico, Australia, and Thailand. For information on Italkart and a dealer near you visit


If there is a local kart club or association in your area, it is probably the one organizing the race series in your area.


Once you have your new equipment it is time to get some seat time. And yes, to be good, you must practice, practice and practice again.